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I really love dragons but i really rarely draw them. What a shame.

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"Doesn't matter who they are. I'll fuckin' kill 'em all" ~Grimmjow

Don't like me? Have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fuck.

Grimmjow, berlin bulbs, pizza, drawing, anime, being alone.
Kids, hugs, idiots, people who says her what to do, racists, homophobes.

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Requested by ShadowTheLeader :"D
It's now time for Cp!
CP [ref] by W-CanineQueen-M
[X] They have a rare hair/fur colour
[X] Their eyes are an unusual colour
[] This happens to be red 
[ ] Their eyes change 
[ ] (if a female) they have large boobs
[X] (if a male) they are very muscular
[X] They are very attractive to the opposite gender
[] They are very attractive to the same gender
[X] They have lots of friends/no friends
[ ] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet
[ ] They have a guardian spirit 
[] Some part of their body glows
[ ] They are emo/cutesy
[] They have wings 
[ ] They always dress like a certain 'label'
[X] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga
[] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear

Subtotal: 6


[ ] They have a twin/sibling that they were separated from at birth 
[] They have an evil nemesis
[ ] Who is their sibling
[ ] They are from a very poor/lowly family
[ ] They are from a very rich/royal family 
[X] They don't know that they are from a very rich/royal background
[X] They have lost one/both of their parents 
[X] They witnessed one/both of their parent's death/s 
[ ] Who were killed by the OC's arch nemesis
[] Their parents are cruel, uncaring, abusive etc. 
[ ] So they ran away from home, and somehow fell in with a famous hero, or bumped into an infamous villain who promptly became their arch nemesis
[ ] Their parents were fine, but they ran away from home anyway, seeking adventure
[X] They look much younger/older than they really are.
[X] They never knew their parents
[] They were abused/spoiled as a child 
[ ] They are currently in a relationship 

Subtotal: 5


[] They are possessed by an angel 
[] They are possessed by a demon 
[ ] But they struggle to be good anyway
[ ] They are a mythical creature
[ ] They are an alien
[] They are part mythical creature
[ ] They are part alien
[X] They are a race/species that is discriminated against/misunderstood
[ ] They are a mythical creature/alien who was raised by human parents
[ ] And they grew up thinking they were human
[ ] They are the last of their kind

Double your points if they are descended from two or more kinds of mythical creatures/aliens

Subtotal: 1


[] They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/etc
[] They have sixth sense/can mind-read/etc 
[] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers
[X] They have a special ability/power
[ ] But they don't know about it yet
[X] They were bestowed/cursed with these powers
[] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift 
[X] They are immortal
[X] They can summon spirits/demons/angels etc. 
[X] They have a 'special type' of soul
[X] Their soul is not the same as them
[X] They can talk to spirits/ghosts 
[X] They have a certain power that is misunderstood/feared
[] Certain noises/smells/situations/etc make their powers activate/give them a nervous breakdown

Subtotal: 8


[] They have a mental disorder
[ ] They have an emotional disorder 
[X] They struggle to stay sane
[] They talk about their struggle to stay sane a lot
[X] They are a psycho
[ ] They have multiple personalities
[] They are very intelligent
[X] They are not smart, but in a funny way, and somehow always manage to find the hidden switch/secret door
[] They have hallucinations
[X] They are very mysterious/dark
[X] They are very lively/happy
[] Their mood changes a lot/very quickly
[] They are very patient

Subtotal: 5


[X] They are physically strong
[] They have lots of morals and state them a fair bit. For example: 'I would rather be with my friends than with my boyfriend/girlfriend' 'Nothing matters more to me than my friends/family' 'I wouldn't hesitate to die in place of a friend' etc. It's fine if your OC has these beliefs/values, but if they constantly say them out loud/preach them to others, then we have a problem. 
[X] They have a rare/unusual name 
[] They were born on an important date, such as New Year's Eve, Midsummers Night, The Winter Solstace etc. 
[X] They are connected with a certain element 
[] They are connected with a certain animal
[ ] They live/lived on the streets at some point in their lives
[ ] They are hiding from someone/something
[] They have a rare blood type 
[] They cry blood
[] They are from a different country/planet/universe to where they live 
[ ] They are from a long line of ninjas/magical princesses/paladins/ad nauseum 
[ ] They come from two such lines
[ ] Which have been at war for all of history
[ ] But are now at peace because of the OCs parents who loved each other in defiance of their families' hatred, showing them there was a better way
[ ] They have amnesia
[ ] They have some sort of permanent medical condition
[ ] The have a curse upon them
[] They are involved in some sort of prophecy 
[ ] They are 'the chosen one'

Subtotal: 3
Total: 28

Point Reductions

Take points off your OCs overall score if they fit any of the following statements:

[] They smoke
[] They are an alcoholic
[] They are overweight
[ ] They are addicted to drugs
[X] They have a short temper
[X] They enjoy bullying others
[X] They do not care much about others 
[] They are emotionless
[ ] They are stupid, in an unfunny way
[] They are unattractive

Total Reduction: 3

Final Total: 31

<5 -Anti-Sue

6-15 -Balanced Character

16-25 -Borderline Mary-Sue 

26> -Mary-Sue



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Zeldienne Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey thanks a lot for the watch and all the faves :D
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You're welcome! ^^ wanna be friends?
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Why not :D
W-CanineQueen-M Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My name is Madina, but you can call me Queen, here is some information about me, Queen reference sheet [Fursona] by W-CanineQueen-M how about you? :3
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GiovanniChis Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Really many thanks for favouring my drawing Quarrel-in-paradise , I really appreciate it so much.

Please visit my Gallery their may be other drawings you like. Have a good day!

ShadowTheLeader Featured By Owner Edited Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your icon is growing weirdXDDDD
W-CanineQueen-M Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mhahaha I know right :rofl:
ShadowTheLeader Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I'm using old icons now that I commissionedXDD
W-CanineQueen-M Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, I've noticed X) I might also do it but I love those funny icons too much <3 
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